Lung Health Checks

Your local Quit Squad advisor can perform a lung health check test using a COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease) screener, if you understand the reasons for the test, give your consent and do not have an existing diagnosis of COPD.

COPD is a progressive lung condition that makes breathing increasingly difficult. You will feel breathless, have a persistant cough and frequent chest infections.  There are an estimated two million cases of COPD which remain undiagnosed in the UK. So if you are a man or woman aged over 35, a smoker or ex-smoker and have the following symptoms: persistent cough, phlegm, shortness of breath and frequesnt episodes of bronchitis in the winter; why not ask one of our advisors for the test. We will discuss your test results with you and, if necessary, refer you to your GP.

Please note that if you have experienced any of the following, we can not perform a lung function test:

  • collapsed lung or blood in your phlegm (within the past 3 months);
  • heart attack or blood clot on the lung (within the past 3 months);
  • detached retina;
  • eye surgery (within the past 3 months);
  • perforated ear drum (within the past 3 months);
  • current illness such as nausea or vomiting;
  • respiratory tract infection that has requeired treatment with antibiotics or steroids in the past 6 weeks.