Support in hospital

  • If you are going into hospital

It is never too late to stop before your operation and before any planned admissions. Stopping before your operation means you:

    • are likely to need less anaesthetic, than if you carried on smoking
    • will reduce your risk of a chest infection after surgery
    • are likely to heal quicker

Your local Quit Squad will support you.

  • If you are an emergancy admission or are already in hospital

Ask the ward staff  for help to prevent withdrawal symptoms as they can prescribe treatment

  • If you have stopped smoking in hospital

Ask your ward nurse for support during your stay in hospital. On discharge if you want to remain smoke free ask to be referred to your local Quit Squad; you will be discharged with a Nicotine Replacement Product (NRT). Your local Quit Squad team will then continue to support and help you remain smoke free. We will also support any of your family and friends.