Protect your family, friends and pets from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke and reduce the risk of fire in your home, by making your home SmokeFree.

Secondhand smoke can linger around your house for up to 5 hours and can move from room to room easily. Children are especially vulnerable as they breathe more rapidly and have less well-developed airways, lungs and immune systems. 

The only way to completely reduce secondhand smoke in the home, is by smoking outside your home, closing the door and ensuring there are no open windows nearby.

  1. SmokeFree Home Tips

  2. 1. Set a date to make your home SmokeFree;
  3. 2. Create a space outside where you can smoke;
  4. 3. Remove all smoking related items, such as ashtrays, from the home. Put them in your outside space or hide them in a cupboard;
  5. 4. Leave an umbrella by the door, for rainy days;
  6. 5. Make family and friends aware of your plans and ask them for their support by smoking outside when they visit.

To protect children and young people from the dangers of secondhand smoke, since 1st October 2015, it has been illegal to smoke in a car (or other vehicle) with anyone under 18 inside.*

If you are going on a long car journey, why not plan ahead and include times and places you can have a smoking break. Think about keeping your cigarettes in the boot of your car so if you need a cigarette, you'll have to stop and get out of the car to smoke it.

For more information on the law, go to

*This does not apply to a driver who is 17 years old if they are on their own in the car


Secondhand smoke doesn't just affect humans but our pets too. they have small lungs and when they lick their fur, they swallow the particles clinging to their fur.*


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